As with almost every weight loss regime, you need to make sure that about 1200 calories per day is consumed every 3-4 hours so as to keep the metabolism working. And for that, it is vital to make your breakfast a sure shot priority. Research shows that the people who eat regularly within 2 hours of waking up are certainly more likely to control weight than the ones who skip the breakfast. Eating protein rich food items in the breakfast is beneficial as protein offers bigger metabolic boost to the body than fat or carbohydrates, thereby making you feel fuller and build healthy muscle mass.

Starting your day with a healthy breakfast

In order to achieve regular aim of 500 calories, it is best that you opt for 30 minutes brisk walk after your dinner. As for your breakfast, do not have the yummy muffin that has a huge amount of calories, rather opt for a serving of oatmeal with milk. In case you are the cereal lover, go ahead with granola and half banana. Talking about the beverage, reduce from 12 ounce cup of the fruit juice to just 6 ounce juice to save 85 calories.Burn Calories

On weekends, rather than going for 3 egg, cheese and ham omelet with fries and toast, better go for egg white omelet with veggies and some cheese. This will save you around 400 calories.

Do some chores

You also need to understand that an hour of dedicated house work like washing doors, dusting, vacuuming, you can burn around 250 calories or so. The experts say that it is not like you need to swat it out or breathe heavy in order to burn the calories, just moving is vital for weight loss and to ward off the chronic illnesses like diabetes.

Easy tips to Burn calories

If you wish to burn some more, you can play catch outside for 30 minutes or even stop by local bowling alley to play a game and burn that extra 100 calories. Below we present some tips that can help you burn some calories:

  • Choose the farthest parking from the entrance so that you walk some more
  • Swap mayonnaise with mustard
  • Climb up stairs every morning rather than using the elevator
  • Snacks on veggies and fruits rather than chips
  • Use a tablespoon of cheese rather than two or you can even opt for the reduced fat cheese
  • While watching your favorite TV shows, do light calisthenics like squats, pushups or crunches

So, with these tips and a lot more, you will be able to cut on the calories in an easy way. Wait no more and start cutting calories from your daily life now. This will not just lead to some weight loss, it will even give you healthy and fit life.