Summer is the ultimate time when one needs to take extra care of the beauty. Pool or sea water and excessive time spent in direct sunlight can actually damage both the skin as well as hair. Proper beauty tips and care can ultimate make one shine naturally even in a summer season. Perfect make up can actually melt away, so, it is often an inhibition as to how to highlight one’s natural beauty in the hot summer time. There are various beauty tricks and tips that can prove to be really helpful as far as looking simple and good in summer time is concerned.

The waterproof cosmetics available in markets are the ultimate salvation solution for the summer make up. It does not necessarily mean that you need not use the regular cosmetics till the hot summers end, but only if you are purchasing some new makeup products, it is better to think waterproof. These waterproof cosmetics can serve as your best friend during the hot weather and that too when you are into the dark colors. Otherwise your entire makeup may end up in making you look as an ugly duckling when the makeup with smudge all around the eyes. It is better to choose bronzer shades for the evening summer parties. This will ultimately let you blush at any time to make the image of those sun kissed and apple red cheeks.

Also, if you choose to have the thick makeup layer in summer season, it is wise to abandon this trend at least for the hot days. Use little makeup because even if you try using much of the cosmetics, it will ultimately melt away in some time. Even the skin pores can be blocked conveniently by dusts and sweat during the hot times and a thick layer of cosmetics makes the situation even worse. So, let your skin actually breathe the fresh air. Adopting these simple beauty tips can make you look simple yet attractive even on the summer days.