What is a steroid?

A steroid is a type of potential chemical substance to reduce inflammation and swelling faster. This is also called Corticosteroid drug in medical terminology. Steroids also stand in relation to cortisol, a hormone produced on the cortex from the adrenaline glands.

Use of steroids: Users such as young, male athletes and body builders use steroids comprehensively for the satisfaction of their respective needs. That means, different people use steroids according to their requirement. Adolescents use steroids to get unnatural puberty and maturation and the male and female models use steroids to improve their appearance. The bodybuilders use steroids to get instant energy.

Side effects of steroids

The side effects of steroids stand in relation to its excessive uses. Otherwise, the drugs, if taken under limited quality or as prescribed by the doctor, won’t cause adverse side effects to the users.

One of the most conspicuous side effects of steroids is abnormal changes in cognitive behaviors of the users, such as hysterical and violent behavior, aggression, depression and triggering of other negative side effects including paranoia, intense irritation, delusions and temperamental behavior with no certainty to occurrence.

Excessive use of steroids results internal imbalance in the body, forcing it to wipe out the excess steroids from the body. Steroids addiction eventually results some other side effects, such as stunted growth in adolescents chronic headache, nausea, bone pain, abnormal changes in urinary pattern and bowel’s dysfunctionality.

More so, for the athletics, the steroids abuse results in flaccid tendons, putting the athletics on high risk of getting serious injury.

Steroids abuse to male users results serious changes in reproductive system such as development of female characteristics. So to say, the men experience sexual dysfunction, baldness, prostate enlargement, sterility, breast enlargement and testicular atrophy. This goes same with the female steroids users with changes such as development of male characteristics in them.