Common we all know that this thing isn’t nasty, all though some might consider it to be. But you see this thing is needed for our own hygiene and for the ones who hold the view of not shaving the pubic hair, read the following carefully. It’s likely that you might change your mind.

One must shave his pubic hairs in order to maintain hygiene and a part of the pubic hair is formed also by the hair on the balls. If you shave your balls it’s going to save you from a lot of itching. Further the area will look less messy. That’s not it, another advantage of trimmed or shaved pubic hair is that less sweat is generated and so less smell too. One of the major factors why one should go for it is that women love it shaved too.

So now how to shave your balls?

Well in order to shave your balls follow the below instructions so that you get no cuts, bruises or swellings. The scrotum has a very sensitive skin and so be careful.

  1. Trim you hair as much as you can by a pair of scissors or a trimmer. Scissors work better. As the pubic hairs happen to be very hard and coarse the blades tend to become messy soon.
  2. Take a towel soaked in warm water and put it on your waist. This helps opening the pores and so makes shaving easier.
  3. Use a cream of foam. Don’t use soap.
  4. Shave in direction of growth of hair (similar to beard shaving). Avoid using blade multiple times on the same area. It might cause swellings and bruises.
  5. Use a mild soap and clean the area with a wet sponge in order to exfoliate the dead skin cells.
  6. Use good quality oil like baby oil to moisturize the area.

Congratulations. Now you are the proud owners of good looking balls. Shave once a week to be on the safe side.