You might have found yourself in some situation where you just go helpless. It is then that you realize there are some stronger forces in the world than the human beings. These stronger forces are your planet, your universe and most of all, your galaxy. The secret law of attraction defines the role of these stronger forces in determining your success.

There is a bigger picture that determines your life. Nevertheless, your life is not completely in hands of these stringer forces. It is you who send messages to these forces to perform. Now you would be thinking how. Your life is what you think, how you carry yourself and how you behave in the difficult situations. The law of attraction says the same thing too. In the stressful situations of your life, if you sit calmly and relax you will actually find something talking to you that is your inner soul. This soul lets you carve out the apposite path when everything goes wrong and this soul is also your attitude towards life. Every person has a devilish side and an angelic side in himself. The more you listen to your angelic side, the positive attitude; the more you will get closer to the success and vice-versa.

The secret law of attraction says that you are what you think. If you send these “angelic vibes” to the universe, you will get the fruitful results and if you let your “devilish negative thoughts” persist, then the results might be disastrous for your entire life. The law of attraction tells you to believe in yourself when no one else does and by doing this; you can never stop in moving towards the route which is fruitful, happy and prosperous. So get up in the difficult situations, tell yourself to move on and never quit since stronger forces of universe are listening to you!