Hair removal on the legs, hands, underarms, arms, face, eyebrows and bikini area are commonly done these days. The sports personalities go for regular hair removal as it cuts down the great wind resistance and enhance their speed. There is even some report declaring that the hair removing parlors are getting into more men customers than their female counterparts.laser-hair-removal

Sugaring and waxing are the popular hair removal techniques used both for men and women. Waxing helps to remove the hair from its very roots and thus re-growth of the hair in complete removed regions takes about 6 to 8 weeks. Also, after the removal using waxing is done, the hair then grow with thinner quality. Usage of the hair growth inhibitor after the body hair removal with waxing is generally performed to reduce hair growth in that particular area. Laser treatment is also utilized to remove the hair permanently from one’s body. Waxing is the method that requires wax to be applied over hair that needs to be removed and then a strip is eventually rubbed on wax in direction of hair growth.

Sugaring is even a way to remove hair in a permanent manner. The main difference lies that a sugar paste rather than wax is required for hair removal. Whether an individual uses the sugaring or waxing method, the person is recommended to use the hair growth inhibitor after removal in order to prevent fast hair growth and slow down the growth.

Electrolysis as well as laser treatment also remove the hair from skin. In such methods, the hair follicles are completely damaged so that the hair cannot grow again. Electrolysis uses the needles to offer electric current to these hair follicles. The electric current makes some chemical alternations and changes the heat for destroying hair follicles. In case of laser treatment, the beams are actually directed towards hair follicles in order stop damaging them.v