Any woman might feel really uncomfortable due to the fishy and bad vaginal smell experienced in her own self all through the day. As ling as it prevails, the woman is actually uncomfortable mentally, emotionally and physically. The personal hygiene plays an important role in keeping such foul odors at bay. Washing the vaginal region is highly recommended but not over washing as it can cause imbalance in pH levels in vagina thus offering rise to fishy smell.210465-main_Full

Washing needs to be done with fresh plain water without any perfume. The scented soaps kill natural bacteria that a vagina offers. This natural bacterium contributes in keeping control of the infectious bacteria responsible for causing candida and yeast. Sometimes this fishy odor is even caused due to the tampon forgotten in vagina. Ensure that the used tampon is taken off and the area is washed as well as dried in the best possible manner before wearing the cotton panty. The frequent alterations during menstrual cycle are necessary to eliminate the vaginal smell and infection.  Also, protection when used while menstrual cycle remains to be the sure fire cause behind fishy smell in the vagina.

Even the moisture that takes place due to huge perspiration gets all trapped within synthetic undergarments thereby making an ideal breeding place for the smell and yeast to develop. The cotton undergarments need to be worn in order to keep off the foul smell in vagina. The synthetic panties do not permit the fresh air passage to private parts and the vaginal region.

Also, the cider vinegar bathing helps a lot to avoid the fishy smell and itching or burning felt in the vaginal area. Bath with cider vinegar helps to get rid of this smell which tends to actually linger and is arose till the next wash is done. Such simple and easy measures can surely help to get rid of that bad and unwanted vaginal smell. If these remedies do not help, it is wise to consult the physician for proper treatment.