Knowing the common things about skin care serves to be a must not just to prevent and avoid acne and various otherskin related problems, but even to promote one’s self esteem and confidence. Oil is nice for one’s skin as it keeps it younger looking and moisturized. Oily skin can prove to be an advantage as it inhibits development of the wrinkles, discolorations and fine lines. It even tans widely and is therefore less likely to easily freckle. Thus, an oily skin can look dull or shiny. But too much of oil spells the problem of ACNE. It is wise to wash the face twice or thrice a day with the help of a product that is especially created for an oily skin type. From toners to creams to cleansers, one can surely find a product that suit this skin type the best. Also, using a non-comedogenic water based make up can prove to be helpful to avoid skin problems of acne to a great extent.

Even pores contribute in causing acne. Pores are actually essential and normal for a skin. But in case the skin is not properly looked after, the pores can eventually turn into the enlarged ones. Also, these larger pores have the ability to trap more and more dirt thereby making them clogged and causing outbreaks of the unsightly acne. Steaming the face is a good way to open the clogged pores and let the dirt get removed easily. Applying a face mask is also recommended just after the face steaming. Washing one’s face using lukewarm water can be helpful but hot water results in enlarging the pores. Even the deep pore cleansing can help the skin to keep the trapped dirt at bay.

With regular and proper skin care, one can definitely say goodbye to acne conditions like pores and oily skin and lead a carefree life.