Most people sweating excessively have actually tried each and everything to get them rid of the embarrassing perspiration difficulty from trying the different types of antiperspirants and deodorants to buying different kinds of potions, creams and other cosmetic items that just promise to reduce sweating problem.  excessive-sweating

There are different ways to keep sweating at bay including:




Surgical sweat glands removal

The surgical sweat glands removal are often advised to the patients who perspire excessively only from the armpits. Some people opt to have the glands removed through liposuction which leaves less scarring as the surgical sweat glands removal. Botox is another way to get rid of extra sweat. This is a popular technique for paralyzing the facial muscles and getting rid of the wrinkles appearance, also helping to cure the extra sweating problem. It actually works by blocking chemical transmitters that causes human beings to sweat.

Sympathectomy is another surgical method that involves cutting down of the sympathetic nerve link that is responsible for sweating and blushing. While some people find themselves fully cured using this technique, other see that after some time they suffer from compensatory sweating faced in other areas of the body. Even the oral and topical medications can cure excess sweating in some people. There are different prescription antiperspirants, each of them containing additional ingredients like formalin solution or tannic acid and there are even the anti inflammatory and calcium drugs that work in some instances. In conditions where excessive sweating is mainly caused due to anxiety, tranquiller and anti depressants can do the work.

Iontophoresis is another technique that involves blocking of the sweat glands using electric currents. People place the hands as well as feet on trays filled with water and an electric current is then run through their body parts.