When it comes to getting rid of the pimples, there seems to be actually no shortage of the time honored and traditional methods. The most commonly performed pimple control components today contain the salicylic acid or the benzoyl peroxide. Both of these agents work by actually removing the different obstructions that are responsible for causing pimples. Also, one of the oldest methods of removing pimples is that of using the sulphur preparations. This agent serves to be the great disinfectant, removing pimples but offering some kind of skin irritation. But, it was later found that pimples that were treated using sulphur preparations returned in great numbers. pimples

Regularly cleaning the pimple beset skin using a great deep cleansing lotion can prove to be nothing but useful and serve as an aid adjunctive pimple treatment. Astringents also do harm to the humans even though they can remove the extra superficial oils and they cause the closing of these pores which may have lead to formation of pimples. Most of the dermatologists advise preventive steps at first place to avoid severe cases of pimples and infections. Such measures may include internal hygiene, elimination of specific food and scrupulous skincare. Even though the link between food items like fat saturated products and milk items with acne is to be scientifically linked, avoiding such food stiffs can help in reducing pimples in most of the cases.

Gentle aspirin mask also helps to be a good choice to prevent pimples. You can crush the uncoated aspiring tablets to be combined in warm water, honey or Aloe Vera to be used on the pimples. Even the topical treatment with oral medication can contribute in revealing the pain free and clear skin and that too within a period of a few weeks. The painful pimples are somewhat daunting to cure.