Despite the fact, a large number of people believe that there can be some miracle to cure split ends. You can purchase products that say they can fix as well as repair the split ends but the truth is that these products or cosmetics temporarily glue the hair ends, leaving the hair covered in some sticky kind of a residue.split_ends_girl_web307

It is wise to know some simple home remedies to avoid split ends. If it is said that wet is bad, in truth, heat is the worst of all. Avoid over drying or blow drying the hair when wet. It is good to use a towel instead to make the hair dry. Also, try avoiding the usage of straightening irons, hot curlers and crimps as much as you can.

Also, wet hair are much fragile than the dry ones. So, it is wise to towel dry the hair prior to brushing or combing them. While brushing, make use of a wide toothed brush or soft bristled comb. In case you have long hair that take too much time to dry, do not comb out the tangled hair and knots as you can make the situation even worst. Separate the tangled part of hair into different sections so that untangling becomes easier and convenient.

Using a conditioner is very good to avoid the formation of split ends. Also, ensure that you consume huge amounts of water each day in order to keep your hair as well as body hydrated. Always remember not to over condition or over shampoo the hair. In case you do this, you are actually eliminating the body to release natural oils which contribute in moisturizing the hair. Dehydration serves to be a great cause behind split ends.