Body pain like neck pain and back pain is a common complaint amongst a large number of people these days. Due to the sedentary lifestyles and large number of hours spent in front of the computers and desks, the neck and upper back problems are basic nowadays. In case you face neck and back pain, you need to realize that there is not just a single reason that causes such body pain; it is actually due to a set of reasons. These involve wrong sleeping, bad posture and not utilizing the back muscles

To get rid of body pain, it is better to practice yoga by Baba Ramdev and see the effective results. As yoga is the holistic system that involves a complete change in one’s lifestyle, there are a few yoga poses or asanas that can help the people to keep body pain at bay. It is however not advised to carry on with a full fledged yoga session by you as when done wrong; it can leave adverse effects on your body and overall health. So, better join some reputed yoga classes or work under the close scrutiny of an experienced and specialized yoga instructor.

The yoga exercises by Swami Ramdev can be used to treat even the pains and aches arising out of the problem of arthritis. These exercises to relive arthritis pain needs the use of just bolsters, some easy to find props and chairs. One of the useful yoga exercises by Ramdev Baba to relive back pain is the cat stretch. You need to begin with the knees and hands with flat back. The hands need to be under the shoulders with your fingers spread. The knees need to be under the hips. You head should be loosely held so that you look at the surface between the hands. Then inhale and when you exhale, arch the back towards ceiling, tuck the chin into the chest as if you are looking at the navel and ultimately tuck the tailbone underneath. Then, hold and release back into the original position.