Although there is no sure shot treatment for restless leg syndrome, there are some home remedies for this problem that can offer relief from this health condition.

Before you fall asleep, a bath of warm water can be useful. You can soak the legs in some lukewarm water in order to relive tension as well as relax your muscles. You can even use the hot compress rather than soaking them. Consider offering the muscles a nice, relaxing massage. You can even lather oil in the skin and work on affected parts.

There are other useful restless leg syndrome home remediesas well that can be of great use like the juice therapy, regular dose of the asparagus, kale or spinach juice, rich sources of nutrient folate are enough to keep the legs still.

Restless Leg Syndrome

Even the supplements like Vitamin B complex, magnesium, calcium and iron have been proved to assist in relieving the symptoms and problems associated with restless leg syndrome. You can also wear socks in order to keep the feet warm. The hot socks help a great deal to relax the muscles and so you can enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Another useful restless leg syndrome home remedy is to follow a healthy lifestyle. This includes regular exercising schedule, even if it is for 15 to 20 minutes. Exercise helps to enhance the overall circulation in one’s body.

Try to avoid taking coffee and alcoholic drinks and that too at night as they increase irritating symptoms. As smoking may even worsen this problem, avoid it too.

Last but certainly not least, getting enough sleep is highly crucial restless leg syndrome home remedy. For a nice, quality sleep, you should have comfortable pillows and mattress. Make sure that you get up at right time each morning and sleep on time.

So, use these restless leg syndrome home remedies and keep the health condition at bay.