Break ups are just as painful and depressing as falling in deep sea of love is memorable. Even though people try to make the relationships last forever, there are various reasons that result in break ups and heart paining separations. Being physically, sexually, emotionally or mentally abused by someone whom you loved and respected serves to be the most heart aching experience one can ever face. An abusive and rude relationship cannot make both the partners feel good and satisfied in any way thereby making the sufferer all the more wretched and miserable. relationships-fail
Another reason for breakup is the partner finding someone else of the opposite sex more appealing than the current partner. If the new found person can easily satisfy the requirements better than the current partner, one can contemplate breaking up the old relation to start the new one. Infidelity also serves to be the primary reason for failed relationships. This is mainly due to the fact that love is not the main factor needed for survival of the relation. For proper development and growth of a relationship, one needs various ingredients like trust, love, compatibility, respect and common interests.

The relationship turning really cold can even be called as the “falling out of love”. Most couples fall out of their love and they often feel that it is a real sham to be in a relation that no longer is filled with passion, warmth and charm of initial days. And as a result, it contributes in breaking up of relationships. Many relations also dwindle into nothingness as the partners no longer feel the time for one another. When the partner is no longer possessed with time for the beloved, the relationship requirements are actually not met offering a feel of disappointment.
Even though breakups are really painful, they are just a part and parcel of everyday life. A break up can basically make one or simply break one as per the way one takes it. Failed relationships and ugly breakups teach the people valuable lessons that it is wise not to fall in love too early till the time you know your partner completely.

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