Dry skin is a very common skin problem. The condition worsens during winters. In many cases we also find people with normal skin even suffer from dry skin in winter.

What is Dry Skin?

In case of dry skin the normally fine lines in skin become more visible. Further the skin feels rough, looks dull and flaky. In winters one might even suffer from dry skin rash, skin crack, or even itchy dry skin too. It can occur anywhere in the body starting from the face to the toes. Skin cracks usually take place at toes and hands.

Why does dry skin occur?

Dry skin basically occurs when the skin loses its water content as well as the layer of protective dead skin cell along with the natural oils.

How to treat and prevent dry skin?

Many think that applying water to the skin prevents dry skin. However this is a wrong concept. In fact it can further worsen the condition by removing the present oils too.

In case of dry itchy skin or dry skin rash one should consult a dermatologist. In normal cases dry skin treatment only requires the day to day used products and no medications.

For dry skin treatment, after bathing take a clean towel and pat dry. Don’t rub. Then within 2-3 mins apply a good quality moisturizer on your entire body and for bathing use mild soaps like dove, Johnson & Johnson etc. Apply moisturizers during day and evening whenever you feel dry. Avoid long showers or baths. If you still find dry skin then you can use the dry skin creams or dry skin lotion available in market. Along with that drink plenty of water and liquids. It hydrates your body and keeps your skin soft, supple and glowing.

So the next time winter comes, you needn’t be worried about your skin. Just relax and follow the treatment as a precaution too. Have a nice and happy winter.