Conjunctivitis is also known as pink eye. It refers to a condition in which white and clear area of the eye is covered by an inflammation of the conjunctiva. It also affects inner surface of the eyelids. Do not ignore the pink eyes as it can make your eye become worse and red in color. Although, it is common problem and does not harm the vision, but you should be careful as it is related to the most valuable part of your body- the eyes. You should immediately contact a doctor when you see any symptoms of pink eye. Itching, redness, swelling and minor pain are some common symptoms of pink eye.

There are various treatment options available for pink eye or conjunctivitis. Treatments of conjunctivitis depend on the type and reason of getting pink eye.

Treatment for bacterial pink eye-

If the reason behind pink eye is bacterial, most of the doctors prescribe antibiotic eye drops to treat this problem. Bacterial infection takes several days to cure. Antibiotic eye drops recommended for kids may vary from adults’ eye drops. Often times doctor use ointments or creams to deal with pink eye in case of kids. To get desired outcome, you should follow all instructions of your doctor. Use the eye drops for complete duration as prescribed by the doctor.

Treatment for viral pink eye

Although viral pink eye does not require any treatment but it is wise to consult with a doctor as soon as possible. Viral pink eye generally starts in one eye and then spreads to another. Viral conjunctivitis treatment needs up to two to three weeks to cure.

Treatment for allergic conjunctivitis

According to the condition of your eye and type of allergy, various kinds of eye drops and medication are prescribed by the doctor. In order to prevent symptoms of conjunctivitis, medicines are also recommended. You should avoid the allergy that causes pick eye, if possible.

Remedies for pink eye-

Use hygienic and good quality lenses as contact lenses can cause conjunctivitis. Do not use contact lenses for long duration of time. Regularly change the lenses and follow doctor’s advice to avoid the risk of getting pink eye. Wash your eyes with clean water every day to prevent your eyes from any disease. Pollution, dirt and dust are some reasons of facing pink eye, so keep your eyes safe from all kinds of pollutants. Use quality sunglasses to save your eyes from UV rays and other pollutions.