Epidemic can be defined as the outbreak of contagious illness which is widespread as well as rapid thereby affecting various people at the very same instance. The swine flu 2009 outbreak in states like Mexico fits the definition of epidemic in the proper sense. Pandemic is the epidemic which becomes so rapid that it affects the continent, region or the entire world. As of 2009 April, H1N1 swine virus outbreak does not meet the definition. But, to date, the infection of swine flu has been found on small number of instances in California, Texas, New York and other states all over the globe like Spain and England.  images1771638_xin_372040626074907816175700400808

The WHO or World Health Organization has not declared the pandemic however it has found the phase 5 alert. The Organization also declared that it can consider highlighting pandemic in case the total amount of nations as well as cases affected raise, some scientists even suggest that the phase 6 of swine flu is imminent. In general words, majority of individuals getting this swine flu feel terrible however they recover with almost no problems, as observed in patients in US as well as Mexico. Proper caution needs to be taken as this flu virus is still its roots and may turn out to be a pandemic.  

So far, the young adults have not actually done so well and in places like Mexico, the group presently has the highest rate or mortality but this information could change on a fast rate. The very first traceable swine flu case in Mexico known as the patient zero was in a 5 year aged child who has now fully recovered. Various investigators also noted that the big pig farms were situated in close proximity to the home of that boy. The first swine flu death in US took place in the 23 month aged child who was then visiting Texas but caught the illness in Mexico.