Almost every person struggles with hard and dry hair to manage. This can be because of the natural factors like improper care or genetics or even due to using harsh and bad chemicals like hair colors and relaxers or other styling products like heat iron and blow dryers. Dry hair also leads to hair breakage from hair shaft. The split ends arehaireven a result of the damaged and dry hair cells. Many a time, the relaxing procedures that include damaging and harsh chemicals contribute in drying out the hair and leaving one with head full of hair which imitates the bail of hay. So, before you start moisturizing as well as restoring essential oils for the hair, one needs to eliminate taking break from the chemical relaxers. The great news is that the beauty recipes may help in restoring the hair thus leaving them shinier and softer than ever before.

Mix a tablespoon of vegetable oil and honey and distribute this mixture evenly on the hair. Then coat the dry hair using mayonnaise. Once you have covered the hair, use a plastic shower cap to leave the paste on hair for about 10 to 20 minutes. Apply the beneficial olive oil on the hair as well. Cover this with plastic bad to let it stay for about 15 minutes or so. To get better conditioning results, take warm shower after waiting for the mix to dry completely. This heat from the shower will contribute oil work to maximum potential possible. You can also beat an egg and add about 3 tablespoons water to be applied to the hair and the scalp.

Even the carrot oil may be utilized in hair to actually replace the moisture and also revitalize the healthy state of your hair. It further promotes development of healthy and strong hair cells. The Vitamin E oil helps a lot to add moisture and promote hair growth. It even battles the problem of dandruff. Massage the Vitamin E oil on the scalp to enjoy revitalized and healthy hair. You can further go with taking the Vitamin E supplement for better and desirable results.