For the females who are not breastfeeding, the very sight or thought of nipple discharge can be truly alarming. However in case you see some discharge from the nipples, there is no point of creating panic. While discharge from the nipples may be severe, in many cases, it is normal or because of some minor problem.

What is Nipple Discharge?

Normal discharge from the nipples commonly takes place in both nipples and is generally released when nipples get squeezed or compressed. Some females who are really concerned about the breast secretions may cause this condition to worsen. These women do so by squeezing the nipples or breasts in a repeated fashion to check if there is some discharge. In such cases, leaving nipples for some time may help a lot to improve the condition.

Nipple discharge

Color of the discharge is not useful in deciding if it is abnormal or normal. Both types of nipple discharge may be green, white, clear or yellow.

Causes For Nipple Discharge 

Some nipple discharge causes include:

When you have stopped breastfeeding your child, you may see the milk-like discharge from the breasts.

Even in early phases of pregnancy, there are some females who observe breast discharge that is clear. At the latest stages, the discharge may become watery or milky in its appearance.

The nipples may also secrete some fluid when squeezed or stimulated. The normal discharge from nipples may even take place when the nipples are chafed repeatedly by bra or during the physical exercises like jogging or skipping.

In case you face nipple discharge, whether it be serious or not, it is best to visit the doctor for proper evaluation and check up.


Difference Between Normal & Abnormal Nipple Discharge

If you find blood in during your nipple discharge, it is never considered as normal, apart from that if the discharge is continuous & spontaneous without even touched by anything or causing some irritation on your breast, it’s not normal.

The color of discharge can’t identify normal or abnormal discharge as in both cases it can be green, yellow or white in color.

On other hand normal discharge does not happen without getting touched its often happen when nipples are pressed or squeezed. Some concerned women who squeeze their nipples to check if there is any discharge from their nipples create worse situation where leaving them alone is the best option & it can even improve the condition.

It’s better to get it checked with your health adviser if it happen frequently, doctor is best to judge if the discharge is normal or abnormal & can treat accordingly if its abnormal.