Nauli is the Kriyas or Shatkarma (cleaning exercises) through Yoga. The exercise is to provide the clean-up of abdominal area, digesting organs and small intestine as well as is founded on massage of internal abdomen organs by round movement of abdominal muscles. It is the exercise of traditional Hatha Yoga however is not trained normally in the yoga schools. Nauli is measured as a hard exercise that could be learned just with patience and perseverance.

There are 4 different variations that are slowly learned one after the other:

1. Madhyana Nauli: isolated contraction of central muscles of abdominis.

2. Vama Nauli: isolated narrowing of left part of middle muscles of abdomen.

3. Daksina Nauli: isolated contraction of right part of central muscles of abdomen.

4. Nauli kriya: circular movement of central muscles of abdomen.

Nauli Yoga is usually recommended for improvement of constipation. This exercise might clean small intestine as well as get rid of the digesting problems. Nauli is usually done standing however it is feasible to do it in several other positions such as lotus, whereby trunk is bent ahead as well as is supported by hands at thighs. After a full breath out, entire belly is powerfully taken in and afterward middle tummy muscle is constricted as well as moved in circle. Nauli is attained automatically by practice. Teacher only could make you be aware of. If you could perform Uddiyana properly and maintain it, accomplishment of Nauli would also be similarly easy. Never practice Nauli Yoga after meals. It must always be practiced on empty stomach.