Jaundice is considered to be the liver disease that is featured by the yellowing of the sclera and skin. This disease is caused due to the high amounts of bilirubin that is found in the patient’s blood. As per the bilirubin level, this yellow pigmentation of skin and sclera can vary. The yellowness is found even in the stools, urine and fingernails of the patient. Yellowness is the indication that bile circulation is in excess.

Ayurvedic medicines like Liv 52 are considered to be really beneficial for liver. Medicines that contain bhui amla are even useful in order to bring serum bilirubin to their normal level. It is also good if one includes Vitamin A rich items in their meal like fruits and leafy vegetables. Vitamin C is also needed to heal the tissues that are destructed in jaundice.

Walking too fast or even doing some heavy work after having meals is not recommended at all as the blood required for proper digestion is then diverted or channelised towards the vigorous activity. If you really need to do some urgent work, it is better to do it after half an hour or so. Try not taking stress or tensed and even indulge in sex as such factors contribute in increasing the pitta dosha as per Ayurveda and make several liver disorders.

A slow walk after having dinner can improve the digestive system. And a good digestive system helps to prevent various diseases. Jaundice is also cured with the help of lemon. It safeguards the destructed liver cell and so it is advisable to take lemon juice on a daily basis. Orange juice can also be effective because it helps in proper bowel movements and coming back to the normal.

Patients having jaundice should also take sugarcane juice at least twice or thrice a day as it serves as a great home remedy to treat jaundice. But it should be noted that the sugarcane juice should be prepared at home and requires being hygienic.

Also, it is wise to avoid the spicy food items and consume more of salads like radish and its leafy part, tomato, carrot and lemon. These natural ways can cure jaundice in a very natural and effective way.