Sudden and severe pangs of pain in the stomach can attack any individual any time. This is indeed a very serious problem that generally arises from improper digestion. In most cases, the problem can be easily cured with the help of natural remedies for stomach ache. But the chronic sufferers need to take medical help in order to avoid the life threatening situations.

Some natural remedies for stomach ache include the following:

Fresh ingredients help always

Stomach Ache

Drink half a cup of the mixture of mint juice, lemon juice and ginger juice after adding a small pinch of the rock salt every morning. This will improve your blood circulation as well as minimize flatulence.

Take soaked cardamom seeds thrice in a day to reduce the stomach pain felt. Cardamom seeds need to be soaked in fresh water for about 10 minutes before use.

In order to ease the stomach pain, you can even mix peppermint tea and fennel and then drink it to get relief.

Basil works wonders

You can further take basil leaves with some curd and then mix both together. Add a pinch of salt and black pepper. Take this mixture when you face stomach ache.

Further, you can make the mixture of ingredients like water, two teaspoons lemon juice, rock salt and blend all these together in a thorough manner till the time the rock salt dissolves completely. Use the mixture three times in a day to enjoy stomach ache relief.

Ginger is great for preventing stomach pain

Massage the abdomen with the ginger juice or paste to reduce stomach ache.

You can also make the paste of 3 grams tamarind leaves. Add a gram rock salt and make the paste into liquid form. Take it for enjoying fast relief from stomach pain.

Other remedies to use

More so, take equal amounts of black pepper, dried mint and coriander leaves, dry ginger and roasted seeds of cumin. Add garlic, rock salt and asafetida in proper amounts. Grind all ingredients in order to make the fine powder. Use one teaspoon of this powder daily or after every meal.

Such stomach ache remedies are very effective however some lifestyle changes are necessary as well to enjoy effective treatment of the stomach ache felt. It is very crucial to drink around 2 liters of water every day. When you suffer from stomach ache, you even need to reduce your intake of non vegetarian items and rather shift towards eating more and more of vegetables and fruits.

So, these are just a few natural stomach ache remedies that can be used at home.