If you have been suffering from the age old problem of broken heart, it is wise to do something about your condition before you plunge into the ugly pool of depression and loneliness. Denying the fact that your heart has incurred lot of pain is being reluctant to face the fact both on the subconscious as well as the conscious level. And this denial does not actually make the problem go away in any case, it only leads to fear and irrational thinking to face what is true. It is crucial to have the grieving time as well. brokenheart

As you are suffering from the death of your marriage or relationship, it is wise to acknowledge the pain. Also, recovery begins when you permit yourself to get connected again with the interests you have. Learn to be connected with joy. Tell yourself that all is fine and this will help you to making efforts towards focusing the attention away from the pain and towards living life happing again. Recovery does not essentially mean that it will help to end all the pain; it means that you can now take entire charge of the pain.

Indeed, do not look at the failed relationship as a mere reflection on yourself. The truth that the marriage failed does not actually mean the failure with other relationships as well. Learn from your past experience to offer a better chance for the next time. Even forgiveness serves to be the doorway to new beginnings and emotional independence. On the other hand, lack of this forgiveness serves to provide anger, bitterness and depression. Last but not least, try hard to shift the focus from split or separation to other things that are positive. Spend your quality time doing something fruitful and enjoyable. Volunteer in supporting children to study or helping others in some way or the other, this will keep you busy and away from the pain of separation.

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