If you are looking forward to attend some formal meting or event, it is best to wear the makeup in a right manner because it is a good way to improve and enhance the features. Applying the formal makeup is different than using it while any other time of the entire week. The first and foremost step to have formal make up is to remember that less is more. In order to look appealing, do not carry too much of makeup. It is necessary to have natural look to carry off your attitude with grace. It is wise to decide if you wish to stick to the normal self or desire to leave other people with something to comment upon when you overdo the makeup.
Experimenting with various formal makeup techniques before the final formal event is another great way to see what makeup style suits your personality the best. After experimenting with various colors and dresses, choose the one that shows and highlights your own self in the most attractive manner. It is good to select the natural and latest shades to have that extra appealing look. Also, try to stick to the neutral colors and shades. Earthy tones like gray, purple, green, pink and brown are some of the most effective ways to go in case you are looking forward to have a natural formal look.

Another thing that requires wise consideration is to use the leaky makeup to impress others at a formal event. Following some steps can help you to ensure longevity of the formal makeup you wear. It is good to line the lips in order to keep the lip color from smudging. Also, use the eye makeup primer and some foundation. It will help to balance the face, clean the canvas thereby presenting a formal look. Choose the kind of foundation that is based on the coverage needs like sheer cover, creamy cover-up and tinted moisturizer.