Are you one of those who wish to look skim and trim and charm the people of the opposite sex? Have you tried and tested all possible weight loss programs and have just failed? What can be better than the diet for idiots? The FatLoss4Idiots is a diet program that claims to let you lose 9 pounds in just a time period of 11 days. So, if you think it is really possible, read on.fat-loss-4-idiots1-300x300

Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet plan is made of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and fat sources that come from the whole foods like cheese, eggs. There are the starchy carbohydrates as well included in the food plan. The entire day of the dieters is divided into four courses or meals which need to be consumed at maximum of about two and a half hours gap. Also, these are no carbohydrates or calorie counting in this diet plan with no limit on the portion size as well. The FatLoss4Idiots says that you eat and eat.

The difference between fat loss idiots plan and other dieting programs is that the former is confusing for the body and so the dieter never feels as if he or she is starving of hunger.

It is best to read the fat loss 4 idiots diet review in order to know what all is included in its pack. It incorporates the handbook which teaches one how to eat and the importance of losing weight. There are some things that are really useful in this diet plan for idiots. First and foremost, the affordable nature of the plan means that ones do not need to purchase and make a complex meal. Also, there is the cycling of the diet in order to keep the metabolism away from working against the dieter. Even more, this diet plan is really famous on the net and thus all information, reviews and drawbacks can be found easily.

Last but not least, there is even the money back guarantee scheme in case you don’t find the desirable results as promised by the program.