Many a people do not actually realize that dental care and hygiene is as crucial for their dogs as for the human beings.
Just as in humans, the dog’s teeth can accumulate plaque after they eat some food item. When this plaque builds up, it hardens and becomes coarse substance popularly known as tartar. When tartar starts accumulating, it works its way all under the dog’s gums and offers gum disease and painful infection. A large number of veterinarians advise that the dog owners should brush their pet’s teeth twice in a week in order to keep building up of tartar at minimum possible extent. There are specially designed toothpastes and toothbrushes for the dogs so that their teeth can be cleansed in an easy manner.

Dog Dental Care Tips

It is wise to remember that your pet’s sense of smell and taste is more acute as compared to the humans and the tingly, mint likesmiling-dog1
taste of a toothpaste can prove to be really awful to your dog. So, it is better to use the toothpaste and brush that are specially made for the doggies.
Also, dogs that do not get proper care for their teeth and do not even have access to most crunchy foods are under the great threat of different kinds of mouth problems. These infections can be as small as the gingivitis and as severe as the bacterial infection or fungus that can actually spread all through the bloodstream of the dog thereby causing great damage to its important body organs. As dental services are readily available for the pets, it is better to care for their teeth in advance to avoid any complications.

It is highly important to choose the perfect toothpaste for your furry friend. Most of the human toothpastes have fluoride that is very harmful to the dogs. You can easily find the toothpaste made especially for dogs at good pet shops and clinics. Also, another way of keeping the dog dental care is to give then dry food than the soft items. If tooth brushing leads to sweat, tears or blood, there are choices that you can make in order to improve the oral health of your pet. The crunchy kibble is great for dog’s teeth and not the soft food items as the latter is more likely to cause decay to the dog’s teeth.

Dental care for dogs can be a problem for both the owners and dogs but regular maintenance can prove to be a money saver in long term and even lifesaver for your pet. Ignoring the dental health can lead to be costly and painful. Many a dogs also need to be given anaesthesia to have the gums and teeth cleaned. So, it is better to keep the dog’s mouth all clean.

Dog’s teeth can be conveniently capped, extracted as well as filled, as per the requirement. The best step to take is to avoid any need for such dental services by properly safeguarding and caring for the dog’s teeth.