Eczema is the skin condition which affects lives of most people; it can quite be distressing because it can affect the physical appearance. Before conditions can be treated successfully, it is crucial to first establish causes of eczema. Studies have suggested that there are different varieties of causes for eczema including the intolerance to specific food items, or only because of bad diet. Allergies to different kinds of food stuffs affect immune system that can ultimately result in an increase in frequency of the auto immune responses.

It was also proposed at a time that eczema can stem from some deep emotional feelings like depression and stress. Even though such conditions make symptoms of this skin disorder worse, scientist now think that such conditions have almost no direct link with eczema. A child’s condition can be chronic or even persist with regularity in case the problem carries on beyond the second year, when eczema generally disappears. The skin disorder can worsen while winter season, when dryness exist in the entire house and in summers when temperatures rise to the extremes. atopic-eczema-1
There is a wide gamut of aspects that can contribute to severity of the sufferer’s eczema. The environment and habitat in which a sufferer resides can have marked impact on severity of eczema condition. People living in warmer and dryer climates seem to suffer more from serious eczema symptoms. Diet can even affect the eczema symptoms suffered by people. It is basic to find the sufferers with very low amino acids and fatty acids level in the diets that can help in restricting the skin to repair and grow.

It is even possible for the skin problem of eczema to actually stem from some bacterial infection that can cause reaction within one’s immune system that can trigger the skin condition. It is thus imperative to consult the doctor on a regular basis in order to identify the main cause of any eczema symptom and then to treat it from its very roots for avoiding any further spread of this skin problem.