Health insurance can easily be categorized into two parts- the managed and the traditional care. And these two categories can further be broken down into four types of health insurance plans, preferred provider organizations, health maintenance organizations, point of service plans and traditional or fee for service programs. missouri-health-insurance-picture
For many years, fee for service or indemnity coverage was the main norm. Under such a type of health insurance plan, you have full autonomy to choose the hospitals, health care professionals and doctors. You can even refer yourself to some specialist without having permission. There are some fees-for -service providers as well that does not give full anatomy to the patients and are managed to some extent.
Under this fee for service insurance coverage, insurers can usually pay for the customary and reasonable medical cost, taking into consideration what other specialists charge for such similar medical services. The preferred provider organizations are also useful when it comes to low cost health insurance plans. These organizations have actually made arrangements for the lower fess with network of different health care service providers. The organizations further offer the policyholders the economic incentive to be within the network. With the help of a PPO, you can easily refer to a doctor without any approval and till the time it is the in-network service provider, you can enjoy the similar co-pay.
Further, point of service insurance is similar to PPO but it introduces the primary care physician or the gatekeeper. One needs to select the PCP from the chain of doctors. As with PPO, one can select to even go out of the chain and get some coverage. Last but not least, in exchange for low co-payment, minimal paperwork and low premiums, the health maintenance organizations needs that one just see the doctors and that they get referral from the PCP before seeing the specialist. The health maintenance organizations have best reputation to cover the preventive health care services as well as improvement programs.