So do you hold the view that fresh vegetables and fruits are good for your overall health? This is perhaps not the case. There are various food additives that are really damaging for your health and can result in restlessness, insomnia and anxiety. And some of these problems are actually suffered due to intake of some fruits and vegetables. Apart from the fruits and vegetables, some food additives also cause the problems of irritability, wakefulness, depression and anxiety.Insomnia_0

In the 1950s, about 20 percent of the food products were actually controlled by supermarkets and now this figure has risen to approximately 80 percent. It is rising important to be aware of what you are consuming and how it actually affects your mood, behavior, health, headaches, skin, sleep and bowel movements. Even the migraine suffers have now tripled since 1970s with about 20 percent of the households having at least one sufferer of migraine problem.

Since 1990s, there has been dramatic rise in use of the anti depressants including for the young children and even including the 3000 prescriptions to the babies under the age of just 12 months. Just as food additive is known as natural, it does not necessarily means that it is all safe. So, below is the list of additives that you need to avoid taking in case you suffer from problems like walking in midst of night, feeling anxious, depressed, overly tired, stressed, difficulty in sleeping or waking early:

Salicylates– There has been the fact sheet on this that consist of the details relevant to reversible hearing loss, Meniere’s Disease symptoms, tinnitus, vertigo, insomnia and some changes in the behavior of children.

The bread preservative 282. Even the calcium propionate symptoms can be sleep difficulties, night terrors, growing pains, unexplained tiredness, nasal congestion and bed wetting.

Wakefulness in children

So, get your problem of insomnia treated fast and avoid health related problems associated with it.