Sun salutation yoga also popularly known as the Surya Namaskar or salute to the sun is actually a complete set of 12 yoga postures to improve your health. This contributes a lot in enhancing and improving the flexibility as well as strength of your muscles. The posture of Sun Salutation helps you to warm up your body a=along with toning the muscles of the abdomen. All you need is a few accessories and get5 set go to enjoy the fruits of the surya namaskar.

Some of the postures of Sun Salutation Yoga include:

1)     Raised arm posture ( Hastauttanasana)

You need to streth your arms above your head with your palms facing towards the top. Then arch your back further stretching your entire body. This pose helps to stretch the abdomen and chest.

2)    Equestrian posture (Ashwa Sanchalanasana)
inhale and extend your left leg t the back and then drop your knee towards the floor. Right knee needs to be bent and placed between your hands. Place the right foot on the floor. Now lift your spine, opening the chest simultaneously. At last, give some emphasis at your eyebrow center.

3)    Salutation posture ( Pranamasana)

Stand straight with both feet placed together. Then join your palms just before your chest. Emphasize on standing erect and in the attitude as if you are praying. This pose contributes in inducing the state of relaxation, calmness and above all introversion. It even helps in activating your anahata chakra. You need to exhale fully in this pose.

4)    Salutation with eight limbs (Ashtanga Namaskara)

Drop your knees on the floor and then slide your whole body at the angle when you bring the chin and chest to ground. All the eight limbs i.e. the chest, chin, hands, knees and toes need to touch the ground.  Make sure that the buttocks are kept high. Then hold your breath to see that you’re the arm strengthens and the chest develops. It even sends that extra blood to the region in order to rejuvenate your nerves.

These are Few main Sun Salutation Sequence.

So wait no more and lead a healthy life with surya namaskar.