Even though bleach was earlier practiced in medieval and ancient times in Egypt, Asia, China and Europe, it has actually gained momentum recently. You can find various top celebrities look darker in their earlier pictures than what they are today. In truth, many of the stars are becoming fair using the great bleaches available in the markets.skin

But there are a few essentials that need to be understood clearly to use the bleach in an effective manner. First of all, before applying the bleach, test the cream on small region on the skin that is not cracked or broken. In case the test region becomes swelled and red, gives itchy feeling, consult the dermatologist immediately.

Also, read the instructions of use carefully before using the bleach. In case it enters into some sensitive area of the skin such as eyes or mouth, flush it off with water and consult the dermatologist if any difficulty occurs. Do not also bleach on area that is normal. Applying the bleach continuously will change regular skin color and make it a bit light. Do not even bleach on the region of skin which has been burnt or cut.

Further, while applying the bleach, limit the cream just on the dark area or spots. Once you have the effective results, stop bleaching if you do not wish to have a lighter skin color that will appear to be uneven with regions having the regular skin shade. Last but not least, do not always expect a wonder or miracle on the very first bleach application. In case you have regions that are darker than the normal skin color, you may need to bleach that region often than once. After your bleach is done, protect the region you have bleached with a nice sun block lotion or cream with SPF 30.