Ramdev Baba is a revolutionary in the field of medicine and as far as I know no one can deny that. The man taught us how to get rid of medicines and cure the body of its ailments our selves. One of the asana that he teaches is the Astanga Asana.( Astanga means 8 limbs). Thus Astanga yoga refers to the 8 Limbs of Yoga. This Yoga in particular is much beneficial to the physical, mental and intellectual side of one’s body.

The Astanga yoga is more than 5000 years old and was practices by sages. Doing this yoga gradually helps increasing flexibility and stamina of the body too.  Some of the benefits of Astanga yoga that one gets from performing this asana daily are purification of blood, calmness of mind, proper functioning of heart, increase of immunity and stamina, makes our body light and strong.

However this yoga is advised for those people who have a good fitness level. Also for beginners of this yoga it is advised that you proceed slowly and carefully along with a proper guide as a good deal of risk is involved in case you do it wrong as one can suffer from severe injuries. . It’s always advised that you learn this asana in presence of a trainer. However in absence of a trainer one can resort to alternate methods like video tapes and books.

See the following video in order to learn the Astanga Asana of Ramdev Baba.