The main objective of Kundalini Yoga is to wake up the Kundalini energy that slowly takes the practitioner to increasingly elevated heights of awareness. The awakened Kundalini energy unites the person consciousness of practitioner with the fundamental consciousness of entire universe and therefore bestows on them a lot of divine, occult powers. It even brings the practitioner the understanding that we are all religious being having an individual experience.

Kundalini Yoga is a highest type of yoga and all other types of yoga are just preparations of mind and the body for its practice. A focused as well as careful practice of other types of yoga would eventually lead the practitioner in this track, of its personal accord, by raising their heights of awareness. In yogic customs, there is a state of 3 types of spaces: Mahakasha, Chidakasha and Chittakasha, all derivatives of word akasha which denotes sky in Sanskrit.

Kundalini Yoga is a legacy. Kundalini Yoga poses has been practiced as an accurate science by the masters in communication with perpetuity, coming straight from Soul. It is the practice which is experienced as well as handed through enlightened souls for a lot of years. It is believed that Christ, Moses and Buddha practiced Kundalini Yoga poses.

Kundalini Yoga is just the well-organized technique to balance body, spirit and mind with the never-ending nature of Universe. When the Kundalini energy is stimulated and reaches the highest chakra known as the sahasrara, practitioner gets spiritual illumination and experiences joyfulness that radiates in each aspect of their living.