Are you fed up of that skinny figure? Have you tried each and every way to know how to gain weight the healthy way? In case you find yourself eating just like a pig and still are not able to put on a kilo of weight, just read on. The most crucial point to remember to know how to gain weight fast, remember not to quit. Stick at your goals and get the best results. There are some easy to follow guidelines that can help the skinny how to gain weight effectively and within no time:healthy-living

Eat all through the day: Consume some food item after every 2 to 3 hours in a day. But try to ensure that you eat healthy items. Eat the foods which offer nutrition and energy. Forget about eating cakes, sweets and chocolates.

Eat before and after exercising: Always consume food both before as well as after you exercise. Many a people do not perform this and ultimately lead to fast weight loss in future time. The diet needs to involve carbohydrates like potatoes, rice, vegetable, proteins in the form of fish, beans and meat as well as fats like avocado, flux oil and peanuts.

In order to see how to gain weight quickly, consume double. Double the consuming of all the food items that you take all through the day. Carry on with this process for every day. Also, increase the intake of items with each passing day. More the amount of calories, quickly will be gain weight on your body. Try consuming huge amounts of items that are rich in carbohydrates level as these foods contribute in increasing the weight.

So, ensure that the diet you take incorporates all the factors mentioned above to not just gain weight easily, but even to become healthy and strong