Swine flu is getting more dangerous in India now, 3 more people died due to H1N1 influenza. Pune is the city which got badly affected by swine flu.

As an update total 10 people died in Pune, Vadodara and Mumbai by this viral disease.india-swine

Pune a 13 year old girl died and she was the first who died by swine flu in india then later in Mumbai a 63 year old and in Vadodara a 7 year old girl.

Shruti Gavde, died in Pune’s Sassoon Hospital on Tuesday 1.30 am who admitted there on Last Sunday and was in critical condition, then later Sanjay Tilekar died on Monday Night, said Maharashtra’s State Swine Flu Control Room

Mumbai is also not safe from Swine Flu, Shahida Warsi died there is a private hospital and she was the first victim of swine flu in Mumbai.

Municipal Commissioner Manisha Mhaiskar said, “The deceased was from Thane and had been brought to Mumbai for treatment,”

She had been brought to Mumbai’s Noor Hospital in Byculla five days ago for treatment.

She was treated in a private hospital and which was not even list of govt. approved centers for the treatment of swine flu.

Reports say, that she was died about 6AM but it was confirmed later that she died cause of swine flu.

Gujarat, the state of businessmen was stunned with the death of 7 year old girl. She was admitted on 7th August for treatment and died later. Health Minister added that she was resident of Vadodara and had not travelled abroad.

“The girl had no history of how she contracted the virus,” the minister said.

She was recovering since Sunday but suddenly died on Monday.

She was not the first who died by swine flu in gujrat, the first was a NRI named Pravin Patel, who died in government civil hospital on Sunday.

Maximum 5 people died in Pune , 2 in Mumbai and one-one each in Ahmedabad, Chennai and Vadodara.

Total 890+people are affected in India till now, maximum 333 in Maharashtra, with 221 in Pune, 81 in Mumbai and 31 in Satara.

PS:-  all these stats maintioned have been taken from Hindustan Times