Genital warts are actually spread by some sexual contact with the infected people. These warts are really contagious and needs to be treated as soon as possible. About 2/3rd of the individuals who have the sexual contact with infected people develop this genital warts STD or sexually transmitted disease. The patients having history of warts can be at raised risk for some kinds of cancer. The papilloma virus in humans is linked with about 90 percent of the cervical malignancies and thus can play a great role in cancer of vagina, penis, vulva and anus. The cervical warts can be also transmitted to newborns through the passage via the infected warts birth canal.376242904_2eebe780a0

Even though much needs to be learned about the way this papilloma virus develops, the doctors have already observed that the wet and warm environment in genital region tends to favor the warts growth. Some outbreaks appear exacerbated while pregnancy and in the patients that have some kind of defective in their immune systems. So, it is crucial for an individual suffering from genital warts to consult the doctor so that other kinds of similar looking conditions or infections can be easily ruled out and treated. Colposcopy is the painless exam during which the lighted magnifying tool is utilized to see the internal reproductive part in women may be performed in doctor’s office.

These genital warts are generally diagnosed by straight visual examination. When the acetic acid is actually swabbed on penis or cervix, the HPV lesions start appearing whitish in color. In some instances, it is essential to perform the biopsy of the cervical tissue and involves taking small sample of the tissue from cervix and then examining it closely under a microscope. The sampling cells with biopsy and HPV testing can be essential to determine the real position of warts development. There are some cases of genital warts as well when the hard, small spots can grow within just a period of 3 weeks after the exposure.