Children sometimes come home from school or playground with conjunctivitis known as the pinkeye. When the child has such a condition, the eye’s membrane lining of inner eyelid as well as whites are inflamed. Conjunctivitis problem can be due to bacteria, the virus or allergy and treatment of this is actually dependant on the cause. The conjunctivitis symptoms range as per the cause however generally include tearing, itching, mucus discharge, redness and burning of eyes. It is the redness that causes problem of conjunctivitis and is thus known as the pink eye. Most instances of conjunctivitis are caused due to bacterial infection. With the bacterial conjunctivitis problem, the sufferer’s eyelids actually swell and pus that is green yellow in color is discharged.

Children with conjunctivitis require seeing a physician who will then prescribe some antibiotic wither in the form of ointment or eye drops. The warm compresses should also be applied to eyes during the daytime as well as before going to bed to relieve the discomfort felt. Another eye problem with children is the sty. It appears as pimple on base of lower and upper eyelids. This is a bacterial infection in hair follicle of the eyes. It first develops red as well as painful and after that release great amount of pus. Sty disappears in 5 days after releasing of the pus. The sty is generally treatable with home remedies. Apply warm and clean compresses for 15 minutes thrice a day is useful.

There is actually no treatment available for the viral conjunctivitis. But, pus is not present in this eye problem. The eye tears and gets red. Generally one eye gets affected. In case the conjunctivitis is due to an allergy, the physician can prescribe some eye drops. Applying the cold compresses on closed eyes can help a lot. The child suffering from viral conjunctivitis needs to be kept at bay from other allergens. Both the bacterial as well as viral conjunctivitis are really contagious.vision_loss_child_with_eye_patch