Halitosis or bad breath can cause great embarrassment and even bring you down on the emotional front till the time you lose your self esteem and confidence. Bad breath cannot be damaging for the physical health but it can prove to be a threat to the social life. One must be aware of the fact that smoking may cause severe damage to the health. However, did you know that cigarette smoking can even result in bad breath and damage the teeth completely? Halitosis may be caused by improper breath health schedule or even by inconveniences.bad-breath

Brushing the teeth does not actually keep the tartar as well as plaque away but brushing helps removing some of the food particles that are hidden deep inside the teeth gaps. These particles then help germs as well as bacteria to develop manifold thus resulting in bad and foul odor. Foul breath is the outcome of poor dental hygiene and poor eating habits. It can also be due to side effects of certain medication that you might be following. In case you see any signs of poor breath, instantly consult the dentist to know the factors behind it.

Maintain appropriate hygiene by brushing the teeth after each meal. Brushing twice in a day is advisable to prevent any tartar and plaque formation and avoid the dental problem of halitosis. Drinking huge amounts of water will not just help in body cleansing as well as improvement in health, it will also help to eliminate the problem of bad breath. Water keeps the mouth moist and thus keeps the germs at bay. Flossing and brushing can help in cleaning food particles in the mouth but cannot be able to prevent the bacteria in the mouth. A good mouth wash can help in cleaning those bacteria and give a fresh and pleasant smell.

Regular breath routines with dental check up can rule out the improper hygiene as cause of the poor breath