Foul odor in the vagina is not so easy to have in one’s life. As a woman, one is accustomed to deal with the body alterations all through the month. We learn quickly the best possible way to adapt while we begin menstruating or are overjoyed at good as well as the bad alterations we see while we freeare pregnant. The body issue that is not wished to deal with includes the fishy and bad vaginal odor.

People believe that douching is the cure for almost every feminine odor. It is basically one among the worst things which one can do. Douching can spur on development of bacteria causing the bad odor. It is wise to avoid douching and wash the vaginal region many times a day using a mild soap. A large number of women even find relief from the bad vagina smell by using the pre moistened cleansing cloth. These cloths can be easily picked at any health care or drug store and are even easy to carry in the purse. They are really convenient to se and keep the woman fresh all through the day.

What one wears is another factor contributing in the vaginal odor. The cotton panties need to be worn in order to absorb the sweat. One can even invest in few pairs of the cotton boxers while in bed. Apart from being really comfortable in these cotton undergarments, the women can also allow their body breathe and reduce the odor severity. The tea tree oil is featured with great vaginal odor healing qualities. People suffering from ailments such as dandruff and acne have seen great relief using this oil. It serves to be one of the useful home remedies to eliminate the odor coming from vagina. All you need is to mix few drops of tea tree oil in warm water to be applied to the vaginal region. It is important to note that the mixture should not be used internally.