Kapalbhati is considered to be one of the most effective yoga techniques which have been provided to us by the Indian sages. It is indeed a kind of gift to the human race. The idea behind this posture is simple. You just need to breathe in and then exhale forcibly thereby allowing the collapsing of your stomach. You have to do this for about ten minutes and you will eventually feel a lot of difference.Kapalbhati

Kapal actually means skull and Bhati refers to shine. Thus the term means a person who is enlightened. Though performing this technique is simple, it is crucial that you do it in proper way in order to get best results possible. One of the prime effects of the Kapalbhati technique is to raise the air pressure in small bursts in nasal pharynx as well as sinuses that stimulates forward section of one’s brain. But if both the nostrils seem to be blocked, this technique cannot be carried out. The yoga technique of Kapalbhati utilizes small but strong and forceful exhalations while the inhalation is done automatically.

So what all benefits can this technique offer? Well, it helps in cleaning the capillaries of remotest body parts and combats diabetes, asthma as well as chronic bronchitis along with other nervous problems. It also helps to clean nasal passages and purifies frontal brain portion.

Kapalbhati is a major yoga technique of breathing that is capable to expel the toxins from our lungs. Though this technique is done by sitting, you can also practice it while standing. This yoga technique can also prove to be a great addition in your weight loss program. This is however not restricted to but should be incorporated with eating healthy foods, getting proper rest and sleep, doing some exercises and drinking huge amounts of water.