It has been found your present obesity condition might serve to be a great cause behind getting that dirty swine flu infection. It is no time to carry on a starvation dieting plan, but each pound that you lose, will serve to be good for your health. Try eating more of fiber items like raw vegetables, beans and lentils that will make you feel fuller quickly and help losing weight in a budget friendly manner. It has even been reported by the popular Baba Ramdev that obesity might have some link with getting swine flu infection fast.swine-flu323_0

Also, try sticking on the summer food when they are available in plenty. Your fast foods cannot just hold the candle to fresh corn, tomatoes, peas and cucumber all year. Fresh peaches, berries, pears and plums are tastier, healthier than the cookies and cakes you might consume. Ensure that you say permanent goodbye to your temptation level. Do not indulge in taking too much of sugary items or the soda pops. Replace your fast food or junk food items with more healthy options like whole grain snacks or crackers.

Even though you feel like treating yourself occasionally, instead of going with the hot chocolate fudge, try the single cone vanilla ice cream or buy a single cake piece. Keep these treats just once a week. In addition, make sure that you consume the home cooked food. Simple dishes can always contain fewer amounts of calories and serve to be a healthier option as compared to their fast food counterparts. Lower down eating out every week. Last but not least, exercise a lot. Start with simple and regular exercises like walks and then when you become accustomed to it; try out the more heavy exercises like weight training and other cardiovascular actions. There are some asanas or yoga postures by Baba Ramdev as well that help in easy weight loss.

Losing the extra weight and boosting immunity will not keep you in the bubble which eliminates the exposure to swine flu. However it will definitely reduce the chances to suffer from life threatening or severe swine flu effects. So, start today itself before that ugly flu chains you in its trap.