The term “yoga” means the union with Supreme power. God is the maker of all living beings on this earth and it is the Almighty whom we merge with at end of life. A long time ago, the people from Veda had begun the physical practice to control the body, mind and soul. This very physical practice is called yoga. It is even the science, philosophy and art to maintain a pure balance between the body, mind and soul through synchronizing them in one single chord.

yoga and meditation

How meditation works?

Meditation or what is known as Dhyana was part of ancient yoga. Meditation is basically the way to connect to the Almighty through developing deeper consciousness. With the help of meditation, a person can easily interact with the God on intrapersonal level. And apart from spiritual importance, meditation and yoga are even practiced to lead a healthy and fit life.

Further benefits

Meditation is something that make people live in the present. It is the deep connection and heightened awareness of oneself in conjunction with the things and people around one. Meditation and yoga are also useful to recover from the breathing problems. Both of these help to boost one’s immune system, reduce cholesterol level and increase energy and stamina. More so, improving health status, the art of yoga even upholds spiritual sense within the human beings.

I am sure you must be aware of popular Ramdev Baba Yoga and Bikram Yoga.