Dark underarms is one of the problems faced by many a people. There are different reasons which leave one with this issue. People take different measures to stay away from dark armpits and chicken skin underarms. One needs to be extra careful about skincare in order to keep such a problem at bay. Apart from this, there are numerous measures that can help in whitening your underarms with ease.

You can scrub your underarms using a good quality pumice stone to get rid of all the dead skin from the armpit area. This measure should be done everyday while taking a bath. Even regular waxing is a great way to whiten your armpits. Armpits look dark because of the hair present under the area. Waxing helps a lot to remove there hair from their root thereby leaving the underarms clean and fresh. Regular waxing further lessens the growth of hair with passing of time. It is recommended that you do not opt fro shaving but waxing. Shaving increases the skin pigmentation and also makes the hair dark and hard.

Moreover armpit bleaching is a sure shot ways to have whitened underarms. It is advisable that you go for underarms bleaching after you have done armpit peeling or scrubbing. Ensure that you carry out a patch test before bleaching in order to get desired results.

Last but not least, skin care creams and lotions like Meladerm are featured with natural ingredients such as mulberry, licorice and bearberry that help in whitening of the underarms in an effective manner. So instead of getting embarrassed when you wear a cut sleeves top, better opt for armpit bleaching, underarms waxing or other measures to have white and clean underarms.