If you are allergic to wasp or venoms, it can be dangerous. So find out some of the best ways to treat wasp string.

Remove stringers

The first thing you need to do is to remove stringers. Though wasps often don’t leave the stringers in the skin, but if there is a species that do, it is advisable to watch out for it! Take tweezers or a sharp instrument to carefully take out the stringers.

wasp sting

Check the signs

After the wasp has stung, check immediately for the signs such as redness, itching, and short breath or raised welts. There might be a possibility of victim developing anaphylaxis. In such a case, take the victim to the doctor without delay.

Use ice pack

In case of those victims who are not allergic to wasp sting, it is good to use ice packs. The pain to such victims will not linger for long and the swelling would also go away in a day. Therefore using ice packs can be very helpful to treat wasp sting. In case of itching, calamine lotion can be very effective.

Take medical aid immediately if wasp stings in mouth, nose or throat

It can be harmful even to non-allergic victims. Therefore, in case the wasp has stung in mouth, nose or throat, it is advisable to take medical aid immediately. It can lead to dumpiness of breath.

Use ibuprofen or acetaminophen for pain relief

You can use these two medicines in order to relieve the pain. Wasp sting can cause pain but it can be cured using these medicines.