Nappy rash is a common problem faced by infants and children. Most babies suffer from this at some point or the other. It is basically not a disease, but an irritation of skin. You can know how to best treat a nappy rash in order to keep your baby at bay from rashes, infections and discomfort.

A dirty or wet nappy that has been left touching the baby’s skin is the common cause of a nappy rash. Even fungal infection because of dampness under nappy can lead to a rash.

Air helps

So the best way possible is to get some fresh air to the baby’s bottom. It is great to leave the nappy off for some time for a few days.

Use best wipes

In case you use wipes while changing the diaper or nappy, ensure that you choose the wipes that are gentle and specially made for the sensitive skin of babies. Better go with the wipes which are clinically proven or tested.

Nappy Rash

Apply ointment

Applying some paste or ointment to the baby’s bottom also protects his or her skin from any further rashes and at the same time creating optimal environment for skin healing. It will even prevent the friction from nappy or diaper. Apply a layer of zinc oxide treatment at every nappy change to protect as well as soothe the irritated skin of the baby.

Washing and dry patting helps

It is also crucial to wash the bottom of your child each time you change diaper. In case your child has wet the nappy, try using warm water. In case he or she has dirtied the nappy, use soap and rinse the bottom of the baby carefully to ensure that there is no soap residue left on his or her skin.

In case the skin turns more swollen and red, you should contact the doctor at the earliest because the diaper rash may be caused due to some bacterial infection requiring immediate medical treatment.