Even though a large number of people get affected by huge amount of armpit or underarm sweating, just a few people take proper steps to say goodbye to underarms sweating to avoid social embarrassment. But there are other people as well who are living with this condition because they either are not aware of the ways to stop sweating of the armpits or are shy to discuss the problem with others.

Using the antiperspirants after each bath can save you from extra underarm sweating. You should keep in mind that you follow this on a regular basis. But before you use the antiperspirants, you should confirm if you are not allergic as some people get allergies, infections and rashes due to antiperspirants.

You can even use apple vinegar to the armpits at night. Let the vinegar dry naturally. The vinegar will saturate the sweat apertures of the underarms and will thus neutralize the odor caused due to bacteria. Further, this may result in dryness of the armpits.

Even the clothes that you wear contribute a lot to control sweat. In case you are the victim of extra underarms sweating, it is wise not to wear dark colored and tightly fitted clothes. Use loose and comfortable clothing that will help the air to get into the clothes easily and thus keep you at bay from excessive sweating. Also, during summer time, wear cotton clothes.

Now when you are aware of how to stop underarm sweating, just give it a try. Feeling embarrassed in social circles due to wet underarms is not a simple thing, it is in fact a terrible experience.

You can also use baking soda for stopping the sweat. You need to mix some baking soda on water till it becomes a thick paste. After that, you can use the paste on your underarm. Ensure that the armpits are properly shaven to enjoy great results. Let the paste dry and then wash it with clean water after 20 to 25 minutes.

Using the above mentioned tips, you can know how to stop underarm sweating naturally.