How to stop bed wetting in kids is literally problematic issue for virtually all frustrated parents in the world. Most of the parents have serial bed-wetter kids who wet the bed at every night. Helpless parents try everything under the sun to stop bed wetting in their kids, but of no use. As a parent, you might have definitely gone through frustrating situation when you see that your kid is consistently affected with bedwetting problems. In the article, we are mentioning some effective approaches that will work like a charm to stop bedwetting in your kid. Read on…


A urinary bed alarm is considered one of the best approaches to stop bedwetting in your kids for the long term. Although, the alarms are available in different styles but all of them have a moisture sensor with an alarm. Your kid can wear the moisture sensor on underwear or pajamas. The sensor is connected to the alarm worn on the shirt of your kid. Sensing the moisture, the sensor instantly signals alarm, alerting your kid to get up and go to the bathroom.

stop bed wetting kids

Foods high in acid such as Soda pop, chocolate, caffeine, cooked vegetables and cocoa should not be given to the kid with bedwetting problem. These foods trigger bedwetting when your kid is asleep. Feeding your kid an 8-ounce glass of cranberry juice daily in the morning before breakfast is an ideal solution against consistent bedwetting problem.


Summary: Bedwetting in kids is really frustrating situation for parents. With applications of stop bedwetting approaches mentioned above, you can stop bedwetting problems in your kid.