Contrary to the famous belief that blackheads are not just the result of filth accumulating in the deep pores, the black color arises from a blend of sebum and dead skin cells. Even though it is the skin particles which cause the black color, blackheads are the flat spots which are filled with cells that the skin sheds on regular basis and the oil from sebaceous glands. People will treat the blackheads just as they treat their pimples by squeezing them and removing that unsightly mark. This is actually the very last thing to do as it can irritate the affected skin and develop an infection if the blackhead is squeezed.74411273

As prevention is the answer to reduce incidence of these blackheads, there are some people who are featured with active sebaceous glands and that too on the nose and forehead area along with the chin. The actual removal of these bad blackheads can be performed by an expert dermatologist using the cylindrical small tool with a small opening which goes over that blackhead. Then the instrument is pressed on the blackhead for a few second’s time. The resulting pressure that is made around the instrument’s edges help to dislodge the plug on pore. While soap can help remove oils on the skin, it does not contribute in getting rid of dead skin cells. The cleanser having salicylic acid can not just clean the surface oil, it will even get rid of the skin dirt and debris which is all waiting to simply clog up more and more pores. The alpha hydroxi acid help to exfoliate dead skin cells so that there is little shedding skin that is left on surface to actually skin down into the skin pores.