Pregnancy is one of the most exciting wonders of the world. What could be more miraculous than bearing and safely delivering a healthy child? However this does come with a price. The mother experiences various types of pains and disorders during this time, of course later after the delivery the body recovers fully. One of the things that commonly occur is pregnancy stretch marks.

What are pregnancy stretch marks?

During expansion of the body due to growth or increase in fats the skin expands too. If the growth is sudden and is not gradual in process the skin expands rapidly thus leading to disruption in formation of collagen (major protein that makes up the connective tissue in our skin). This leads to formation of scars called stretch marks. They are generally considered genetic.

How can stretch marks be prevented?

There are various ways to prevent stretch marks. Below listed are some measures for pregnant ladies which they can follow:

  1. Drink plenty of fluid and eat a balanced diet. This keeps you increase of weight in the advisable range of 25-30 pounds and also prevents sudden increase of weights.
  2. Use a towel to gently rub around the areas where stretch marks are appearing or may appear. This increases the blood flow in the area.
  3. Take your vitamins. This is essential both for you and your growing baby.
  4. Keep the skin moisturized during all times. This helps your skin to remain supple and therefore more elastic and also act as food for the skin. You can also use stretch marks creams.

Similarly after delivery you have to take measures to avoid sudden decrease of weights to prevent loosening of skin. If even after following all these measures you get pregnancy stretch mark then don’t worry, they will vanish soon.

Congratulations on your pregnancy, and best wishes for a healthy baby!