Summer is at its peak, and everyone wants to keep themselves cool like cucumber. People do whatever it takes to keep them cool. Some people like to splash in the pool, some prefer to shop in air-condition malls, some go off to the beach, whereas, some just sit back at home to avoid sweat and a sun tan.

De-hydration is very common problem that many of us face during summer season. Dehydration can be avoided byintake of adequate amount of fluid. We should drink 3-4 liters of water everyday as it helps in hydrating our body. And it is beneficial to have two glasses of water before every meal. This helps to curb your appetite.

Metabolism stops functioning properly if there is lack of intake of water everyday. A normal human body has approximately 2/3 water.

Drink 8-16 ounce of water mixed with some lemon to keep yourself fresh and it helps to clean your system as well.

In summer season a variety of fruits are available in the market. Fruits not only satisfy our hunger and not only provide us with the right nutrients but they are a good source of electrolytes and water as well.

Peach, Berries, Mangoes, Apples, and Melons etc are the seasonal fruits and are rich in nutrients as well as water and electrolytes.

Peach is the right fruit for those who are calories conscious as it has 87.09 g. of water in every piece. Berries comprises of strawberry, blueberry and blackberry. All the three berries are high in water content and also contain fiber and Vitamin C. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” this saying is absolutely true as apple has high content of fiber and prevents cancer and other diseases. Its skin is high in nutrients which help to balance cholesterol.

Fruits are tasty snacks that can help you keep your body cool and refreshed. Eat lot of fruits to stay fresh and also hydrated during peak summer season.

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